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Replace toxic cleaning & sanitizing chemicals; recycle & purify captured rainwater

What about an award winning, on-site system generating non-toxic cleaners and sanitizers from salt, water and 120V of electricity. Ancillary systems bring cleaners/sanitizers to point of use (i.e. dishwasher, ice machine); whole building water circuits dosed with tiny amounts of the sanitizer keep biofilms from forming in building water lines (keeping water safe); and there is an application to recycle & purify (harvest) captured rainwater into potable water for resident use. Check out

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So many options -- all need funding and sustainment

We need monorails and similar to ease congestion in most urban places. We also need to co-locate resources and homes better and bring back the reality of integrated neighborhoods/towns by enabling self governing ones. PLACE sounds like a concept that can make that happen.

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