Park Smaller, Safer, Greener

PLACE is pleased to announce that it is offering a solution to the negative impacts of parking. GreenPark™ is an integrated solution for reducing the space, energy, and carbon footprint used by parking. 

GreenPark uses state-of-the-art robotics and automation to move cars quickly from drop off to perfectly-sized parking spaces without human intervention. Because of the efficiency of the stacking, and because there are no internal ramps and driveways, the footprint of GreenPark is considerably smaller than conventional multi-level parking structures. 

  • Proven technologies
  • Cost competitive with conventional parking structures
  • Secure parking with no accidents
  • Dramatically lower energy costs
  • Flexibility of exterior styles
  • Rapid parking and retrieval

There are multiple technologies for different parking needs, both above and below ground. PLACE will match the the right parking solution for your site. 

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