Storefront Space

PLACE is developing two kind of live/work space for the St. Louis Park community. Most of it will be the kind of live/work space we've built in several of our communities -- lofts with high ceilings, plentiful natural light, and flexible floor plans. Additionally, for SLP, we want to create more affordable opportunities for creatives who want to have a commercial/retail space in addition to their living space. We're calling this concept "Live/Work Type II." 

The idea: typical commercial space is rented out in large bays. Our live/work type II spaces would create storefront space in much smaller sizes for those who don't need 1200 square feet or more, and lessen the cost burden of utility runs and buildout, all while including living space through a private entrance either behind or above the shop space.

This is a newer concept, but one that we think has a lot of promise. What do you think? What kind of questions, concerns, ideas or horror stories do you imagine with a concept like this? We'd love to hear what you think.

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