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We build community by building vibrant places for people to live, work and create


PLACE is a nonprofit team collaborating with cities to design and build vibrant places for people to live, work and pursue their dreams. Our projects create opportunities for people across the income spectrum, demonstrate profound environmental design, and empower the community to participate in every aspect of the development process.

Envision. Design. Finance. Build. Sustain.




Powered by Nature

E-Generation is a patent-pending renewable energy process that takes the neighborhood's organics that would otherwise be discarded (i.e. food scraps) and converts them into clean, renewable energy to power the community. The resulting organic fertilizer is used to grow food year-round in onsite green houses. 

Powering neighborhoods with clean, renewable energy

Brings a level of strategic thinking and implementation that is awe-inspiring.
— Elena Brokaw, City of Ventura
We went after everything that was new, and then we went a step further.
— Sid White, Former Economic Dev. Head
The dream home of every artist.
— Julinya DeVince, Artist
They’re literally bringing dreams to life before our eyes.
— Nick Goodenough, WAV Community Member

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