We all deserve a PLACE to call home.

We all deserve a place to feel secure a place to create, to connect, to build a thriving life. 

We are launching the #AllThrive campaign to extend access to home.



Creating a PLACE for home to live

We build communities that become a home for people and create the conditions for them to thrive. We build bridges of upward mobility so that all have a fair and just chance at building a connected, stable, creative life.

The Via community in St. Louis Park, MN will do just that. The spaces within Via provide the foundation for social, economic, and environmental health that combine together to build community connections, stability, and creativity.

  • Social
    • Community engagement at the forefront of Via with an onsite community organizer and coordinator
    • Inviting spaces and connected living so all feel ownership over their space
    • Robust networks with broader community of St. Louis Park and partner organizations so that residents have access to services that extend beyond their home
  • Economic
    • Housing stability at all income levels
    • Employment resources and job tracks within the community
  • Environmental
    • Quality housing, clean air and water, thermal comfort
    • Access to nature
    • Access to healthy foods
    • Safety and security

You can help us build communities where #allthriveYou can provide a PLACE for home to live today.






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