What is "ethical development"?


The process of developing land impacts our lives and our planet in lasting and profound ways. PLACE pledges its commitment to a development process that follows nine ethical principles. 

  1. We will keep our word.  You can count on PLACE to honor its agreements. Every time.
  2. We will cultivate authentic community participation.  Developments affect community life in profound ways. Many barriers disrupt real citizen involvement. PLACE promises a process to encourage authentic community participation, improving our developments and increasing a feeling of civic ownership of projects.
  3. We will ensure efficient leveraging of community resources.  Developments — especially those using public land or funds, or benefitting from significant direct or indirect public subsidy — must produce and demonstrate real and lasting public benefit commensurate with the level of public investment. PLACE pledges to manage resources to create the greatest possible public benefit. 
  4. We will create prevailing wage/living wage jobs.  All aspects of our development and operation will seek to create living wage and prevailing wage jobs, promote social justice and adopt consensus-based standards that respect workers’ rights (see ILO Declaration).
  5. We guarantee our fee will be reasonable.  Period. All of our financials are subject to audit which will be publicly available. 
  6. We will design and operate our projects to the highest environmental standards.  We will follow LEED® and/or comparable rating systems that will provide verifiable standards for environmentally-sound development.
  7. We will respect the community’s cultural & historical resources.  PLACE commits to understanding your community and its history. Our projects will respond appropriately to the cultural landscape and in so doing,  will multiply the positive impacts of each development.
  8. We will require transparency.  We pledge to create open-source business models and operating practices and to subject our activities to rigorous independent audit.
  9. We will provide equal opportunity.  Our projects will create equal opportunities for jobs, regardless of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy. We will create opportunities for all people and the planet to thrive. 

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