In Progress

Venice, California

Venice has been known as a vital arts community for about a century. Now, gentrification is forcing artists out, causing rents to skyrocket, and is threatening to obliterate the arts community there. PLACE was invited by a group of artists and citizens to explore solutions to the problem. See our petition in support of the creation of a sustainable arts community in Venice. 


Portland, Oregon

PLACE is working with a local developer in Portland to identify an opportunity to develop a mixed-use, mixed-income sustainable community featuring live/work space for creatives (artists, artisans, makers, technologists, etc.) in a catalytic community. 


Easton, Maryland

PLACE met with Mayor Robert Willey and Tracy Ward of the Easton Economic Development Corporation and other community leaders, including our sponsor, Charlie Thornton. Easton has requested a proposal for PLACE's next step, a Preliminary Feasibility Evaluation (a quick, inexpensive evaluation to see what ingredients are in place for a project to succeed). 


Greenwood Village, Colorado

Our friends and partners at the amazing Museum of Outdoor Art in Englewood, Colorado ( have invited us to explore a collaboration in Greenwood Village. We hope to collaborate with one of our most-admired groups, The Rocky Mountain Institute. 


Frederick, Maryland

PLACE met with artists and leaders at the amazing Artomatic installation in Historic Frederick. PLACE is working with the Arts Council to organize a preliminary feasibility study for a major arts facility. 


Hopkins, Minnesota

PLACE is working with the City of Hopkins to identify a location for a mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented development. Hopkins already has a vital arts community, and will shortly be host to three LRT stations. And of course, PLACE's own Chris Velasco grew up in Hopkins. 


Brunswick, Maryland

PLACE met with Mayor Karin Tome, members of the Brunswick City Council and local business leaders and developers to discuss their vision for a sustainable, mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented development that will support the historic downtown. 


Bloomington, Minnesota

PLACE met with arts and city leaders recently in Bloomington to discuss their vision. We hope to discuss follow up efforts with them soon. 


Baltimore, Maryland 

The PLACE Team visited Baltimore and toured the city, with Amy Bonitz from Barco( including a new maker space under construction and a live/work building filled with artists. We look forward to the possibility of creating a new sustainable arts community with leaders there. 


Lincoln Heights Jail, Los Angeles

PLACE submitted a rare response to a request for interest for the preservation and redevelopment of the Historic Lincoln Heights Jail (featured in L.A. Confidential). We normally are unable to respond to Requests for Proposals, but this one was too special to pass up. We are working to form an alliance with a local nonprofit developer with a big vision for new sustainable, affordable community. 


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